Hello, my name is Ethan Wojcinski

I’m a full stack engineer from Moline, Illinois.
I consult for startups that have secured over $87 million in funding.

Frontend, WordPress, and Shopify

I have built numerous websites on WordPress and I have extensive experience building and managing Shopify stores.

Backend Development

I have used Nodejs to deploy backend systems that enable enhanced product customization for Shopify stores. I have built systems that process Shopify orders and sends modified order information to fulfimment providers. I have built a system that facilitates communication between ground control systems and autonomous drones using satellite communication.

System Administration

I have experience deploying and managing servers both physical and virtual. I specialize with the vSphere hypervisor but I have also worked with KVM. I have deployed and managed servers for startups on AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, and Heroku.